Move Over Baddiiebee, Meet Britt Barbie, TikTok’s Sensation

Move over Baddiiebee and Bhad Bhabie, we have a new social media sensation on the block. Britt Barbie, better known as the “period ahh” girl from the viral TikTok video, is currently the rave of TikTok and she is milking the 15 mins fame for all it’s worth

Britt Barbie

Britt Barbie created the ‘Period Ahh’ sound that went viral on TikTok earlier this year and even got celebrities participating in the trend also. Britt Barbie’s clip was posted just last month, September 10 and it has already been watched 54 million times, giving the young lady some viral fame

Now it seems she is about to release another ‘hit song’ and people are already complaining lol. Britt Barbie is currently doing meet and greet with some fans and it seems she has a deal with Fashion Nova as well.

Here is Bebe Rexha, dueting to period ahh

Here is hoping, she can get something sustainable out of this. Let us know if you love her new song in the comment section. Meanwhile, it seems Baddiiebee has been suspended on Twitter.

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