Mel B Life Imitates Art… I’m Dating A Beverly Hills Cop! 

Mel B is either smitten or paying homage to baby daddy Eddie Murphy, because she’s dating the guy he played in one of his iconic movies … a Beverly Hills cop.
Sources in the know tell us she’s been seeing a guy on the Beverly Hills PD for a few months. She’s moved at lightening speed … splitting with husband Stephen only months before she started dating the officer.
They met through mutual friends. She started dating him immediately and it took only a matter of weeks before he was staying at her home 5 – 6 nights a week. She’s nuts about him.
This is a little eery. Our sources say one of the reasons she like him around so much is that he carries a gun, and she’s scared of estranged hubby Stephen Belafonte. 

Mel B has a restraining order against Belafonte, and one of her concerns is that she says he has a gun he’s not allowed to possess because of a prior crime.

They’re keeping the relationship “low key” … both for his sake and hers. We’re told his life is “complicated.” But that hasn’t stopped him, however, for showing up to tapings of “America’s Got Talent” — in plain clothes. He has also accompanied her to a number of social engagements.
Not everyone in Mel B’s life thinks it’s a swell idea she’s dating the guy … partly because of him and party because she just got out of a bad relationship.
Still … there’s something symmetrical about Mel B going for a Beverly Hills Cop.

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