Mercedes Shaday Smith And Markeice Brown: ORC Take On The Double Suicide That Shook America

20th April and 22nd April 2017 are two dates that would be etched in the minds of Black Americans for a very long time. Mercedes Smith committed suicide and her boyfriend, Markeice ‘Mari Safari’ Brown did same two days later after he got blamed for her death. Read the story here.

Mercedes Smith would be buried today at Walker Funeral Home, New Jerusalem Baptist Church, by 1:00 PM which would be attended by friends and families who would be deeply affected by her decision for a very long time.

Mental illness is real, depression is real and cyberbullying can lead to unprintable and sad events and the vicious circle continues. Her story and that of Markeice Brown kept me up all night, I read a lot of comments, I watched old videos of them together, and I just kept wondering ‘What went wrong?’, ‘How did it end like this?’. I tried watching his final video, but I couldn’t finish it, I didn’t have the heart.


Some comments and pictures stood out, like these ones below


Sunday Morning…

The Lord shows that Cedes had a spot in Keice life that nobody could fill plain and simple. But when irrelevant people bashing him all day and night for her suicide I can imagine how he was trying to keep it together? no this ain’t no Romeo & Juliet this real life !! but you can only take so much bs, the brain can only hold so much stress and sadness until you crack real talk God & Markeice prolly had a talk up there as soon as he arrived yesterday and the Lord opened his gates, arms, & ears listening to his new found angel and accepting his choice forgiving him & reunited these two beautiful vibrant spirits in his Kingdom so at the end of the day all the ignorance doesn’t matter the negativity y’all putting forth don’t matter at all !! we lost 2 GOOD ONES! We forgive y’all !! This is the true definition of soul mates and may these soul #FlyHigh together…Amen?????

??4/20-??Mercedes & Markeice??-4/22??

And I wish I could believe that they were actually saucing and flying high in Heaven as king and queen, but no, that’s not the way this works. Committing suicide is a straight ticket to hell, there is no way to sugarcoat this. You do not get to rest in paradise, you are done when you commit suicide. The reason I have to say this is so that other young teens do not see the publicity that the Mercedes Smith-Markeice Brown’s story has gotten and want to go down that path. There is no saucing in heaven! No matter how bad things get here on earth, the alternative when you kill yourself, Hell, is 100x worse.

No matter how tough things, get help. There are people who are willing to listen to you, there are people whose life will never remain the same again if you make that decision. Get help! Your life matters and you are loved, maybe people forget to show just how much they love you from time to time, but you are loved! And in some years time, when you look back at what is depressing you, you will be glad you got help and moved on.

You Are Loved! Get help at or call 1-800-273-8255

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39 thoughts on “Mercedes Shaday Smith And Markeice Brown: ORC Take On The Double Suicide That Shook America

  1. Hi:

    I have been up all night trying to piece this story together. From his messages and goodbye video just doesn’t add up. Is there any confirmation that Markeice actually is gone? I haven’t heard of a body discovery nor his funeral arrangements. This story doesn’t sit well me. I have my own outline of what really happen but I just want to see what comes out before adding my thoughts on it.


      1. I just want to know exactly how do you know committing suicide is a ticket to hell?
        I’m almost certain you can’t be saying this because you’ve been there… So you must believe everything anyone tells you especially when it’s from “The Bible”…
        That book has been revised numerous times, translated into every language on planet earth so you please tell me again how you know this? The bible and religion is used to control and manipulate everyone who’s not smart enough to think, research and figure stuff out themselves…
        By you personally never been to hell because you killed yourself then you can’t say it as a fact and therefore you’re judging the way a person chose to depart this world… And from what people say is only God can judgea person… You have no idea what anyone who’s killed themselves was going through. You don’t know and could never begin to understand the pain that person was forced to live with, so who are you to say something so bold and cruel about something you don’t even comprehend? Please do me a favor and try to expand your mind, elevate yourself to a higher understanding of everything…
        You only know stuff because people told you what to believe and what to know, that’s so basic and one dimensional.
        You have a lot of potential if you start teaching yourself… Question everything ALWAYS…

        1. I didn’t eVen read the rest of this mess. THAT TRICKY DEVIL WANTS U TOO.

    1. I was thinking the same thing they said he killed himself from a fire escape, bit why haven’t anybody hearts anything from his death

    2. There are friends and family who showed up to the site where he passed and stated it was hard seeing his “lifeless” body laying there so its confirmed by people he knows. There are actually crime scene photos as well

  2. I think it’s so sad that people think that they don’t have anyone to turn to when needing someone to talk to when times get rough. Mental illness is a world wide sickness we see everyday and there’s someone out there you can talk to about it instead of taking your own life. It’ sad to know you are so ready to give up on life and also to take a life of a innocent child, now all that’s unforgiving. Why didn’t she take the time and seek help from family or someone who deals with mental disorders. It is just sad to end your life just because you can”t deal with lifr. Life is what you make of it. It’s one thing for someone to take your life, but when you take your own it’s kind of sad. REALLY. WHY?

    1. Mental illness is a disease that goes unrecognized in so many, you can’t seek help for what you don’t recognize you have. And from statements I’ve seen on here, she did seek comfort from friends and family that both turned their back on her.

  3. These are young people with sickness and depression, if they knew how to help themselves I’m sure they would have. The strength that’s needed to deal with some things in this world , done people don’t have. Let’s do our part and make sure our kids are loved and supported. Check on them. Let’s do our part ??

      1. You are right it was the first thing that caught my eye. There are so many people in the world who are unaware that a lot of the hand gestures we use including the so called two fingers gesture which many deceived individuals including myself before I received revelation from God thought that it meant peace out or deuces. If you research satanic hand signs and start paying attention to individuals on tv including those who we look up to in both the secular world as well as those who say they represent God/Christ. The enemy is taking us out in plain sight. They say that the devils greatest trick is convincing people he doesn’t exist therefore many are deceived. Stay positive and keep your eyes on God HE will give us wisdom if we ask him.

  4. Please dont say Suicide is a tocket to hell because its clear you dont know god or the bible to know Samson commited suicide. Whether it was for a good purpose or not GOD has the last say. Suicide doesnt mean you go to hell. So lets speak FACTS not what we THINK. You arent God and he ISNT hiring. THANK YOU!

        1. For everyone asking me where in the Bible, I hope we all know that Mmurder is a sin and suicide (taking your life) is murder also. There are a lot of thjng which at the point of death, we can repent of and ask God for forgiveness. But suicide, thats like the last thing you do, which is a sin. Trust me, if not for the consequences of suicide and if a lot of people, knew they would still be able to get in to heaven if they killed themselves, then why still stay on earth.
          Suicide is sin. God forbids murder (Exodus 20:13) and taking one’s own life is murder
          At this point, I wish and truly wish they were indeed flying high in heaven after suffering so much here on earth.
          The reason for my post is to discourage suicide and help people get help.

    1. Dayy Robinson, you are absolutely correct. Adding to the tragedy is the false teaching that committing suicide automatically consigns one to hell. Many believe that a Christian who commits suicide will not be saved. This teaching is not supported in the Bible. According to the Bible, suicide is not what determines whether a person gains entrance into heaven. No one truly knows what was happening in a person’s heart the moment he or she died. Some people have “deathbed conversions” and accept Christ in the moments before death. It is possible that a person who commits suicide could have a last-second change of heart and cry out for God’s mercy. We leave such judgments to God (1 Samuel 16:7). SPEAK FACTS!!!!!

    2. Though shalt now kill is in the bible. It is a sin. We can repent of our sins and be forgiven, but you have to be alive to do that. It’s the word of God whether you believe it or not.

      1. The only thing I know is you don’t be forgiven for blasphemy against the Holy Spirit God is a forgiving God no-one will ever know what was going through theses young people mine nor what they was doing before this traged..

    3. Thank you !! I’m so glad someone said this … I couldn’t find a way to leave a comment … Suicide IS NOT A TICKET TO HELL… it is a sin that is forgivable … Clearly people do not READ AND STUDY the WORD OF GOD !!

    4. I agree with you. Committing suicide does not mean you are going to hell. The Word of God say there’s only ONE SIN that will not be forgiven and that blasphemy of the HOLY SPIRIT! Read your Bible.

  5. They are not satanic hand gestures for God’s sake!! They are praying hands!! People need to stop the vile comments saying its a ticket to Hell!! How damn dare you!! He will be in heaven with his love so just shut the F up!!! You religious nuts make me sick!! The good Lord will take Mari and Mercedes in to His arms!!!

  6. Yall this is so sad my heart goes out to the families right now it doesn’t matter if they went to heaven r hell it’s just sad and they both were some beautiful children and made a cute couple so let’s just pray for the family remember only God can judge them fly high yall! ?

  7. NO, suicide is not a straight ticket to hell or unforgivable.
    Here is a great Biblical explanation from Grace To You. Lengthy but worth the read…

    Suicide is a grave sin equivalent to murder (Exodus 20:13; 21:23), but it can be forgiven like any other sin. And Scripture says clearly that those redeemed by God have been forgiven for all their sins–past, present, and future (Colossians 2:13-14). Paul says in Romans 8:38-39 that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

    So if a true Christian would commit suicide in a time of extreme weakness, he or she would be received into heaven (Jude 24). But we question the faith of those who take their lives or even consider it seriously–it may well be that they have never been truly saved.

    That’s because God’s children are defined repeatedly in Scripture as those who have hope (Acts 24:15; Romans 5:2-5, 8:24; 2 Corinthians 1:10, etc.) and purpose in life (Luke 9:23-25; Romans 8:28; Colossians 1:29). And those who think of committing suicide do so because they have neither hope nor purpose in their lives.

    Furthermore, one who repeatedly considers suicide is practicing sin in his heart (Proverbs 23:7), and 1 John 3:9 says that “no one who is born of God practices sin.” And finally, suicide is often the ultimate evidence of a heart that rejects the lordship of Jesus Christ, because it is an act where the sinner is taking his life into his own hands completely rather than submitting to God’s will for it. Surely many of those who have taken their lives will hear those horrifying words from the Lord Jesus at the judgment–“I never knew you; Depart from me, you who practice lawlessness” (Matthew 7:23).

    So though it may be possible for a true believer to commit suicide, we believe that is an unusual occurrence. Someone considering suicide should be challenged above all to examine himself to see whether he is in the faith (2 Corinthians 13:5).

    1. Amen Kelsi, This is a very good and accurate explanation. To all the naysayers there is a Final Judgement, whether we choose to believe it or not. I urge some of you commenting to get saved and began to really know the Lord for yourselves. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We can’t see our brains, yet we know we have one. Don’t worry about how many times the bible was translated, but worry about where your soul will spend eternity. Suicide is never the answer but only God truly knows what was in the hearts of these two young people before they died. I believe God judges on a case by case basis. Maybe they asked for forgiveness, Who knows. I can only hope and pray that accepted the Lord at some point in their lives.

  8. To OneRandomChick.. actually it is not written in the bible.. there is not One scriptural reference to a person dying from suicide going to hell.. In fact, the bible states of all who die “from dust you are to dust you will return… In fact, there is only a certain number of people that will experience a heavenly resurrection according to Revelations 14:1 … The purpose of Jesus giving up his life was so that all those in the memorial tomb (dead individuals.. no distinguishing reasons) would hear his voice and come out.. Jesus proved they would be resurrected to earthly life by what he did for Lazurus and others… none of them talked about taking a trip to heaven… The bible says “in that day their thoughts do perish”.. So you really should research for yourself and not just go by what ppl said or you heard.. Again the bible states “make sure of all things”.. because ppl will pass on unintentionally or intentionally bad info sometimes..

  9. For everyone asking me where in the Bible, I hope we all know that Mmurder is a sin and suicide (taking your life) is murder also. There are a lot of thjng which at the point of death, we can repent of and ask God for forgiveness. But suicide, thats like the last thing you do, which is a sin. Trust me, if not for the consequences of suicide and if a lot of people, knew they would still be able to get in to heaven if they killed themselves, then why still stay on earth.
    Suicide is sin. God forbids murder (Exodus 20:13) and taking one’s own life is murder
    At this point, I wish and truly wish they were indeed flying high in heaven after suffering so much here on earth.
    The reason for my post is to discourage suicide and help people get help.

    1. Well, you’ve failed. Nothing you’ve said will help or offer discouragement. Your condemnation is the last thing someone considering suicide needs to hear. Those who know the bible–even a little–realize the reason for the New Testament.

  10. Oh and I totally agree with you on not wanting this to be praised by on lookers especially young ones, because they can be so easily swayed by these type of situations sometimes.. But, bible truths are what can help adjust their perspectives.. Suicide is just another state of imperfection (what ever the reason-mrntal health, incurable diseases, etc) and Jesus died for our imperfections. Revelations 21: 3,4 (one of my faves) says “death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.” Think about this None of the aforementioned atrocities occur in Heaven anyway, so where is it referring to when it talks about these things being no more?… our beautiful planet earth.. where we have animals and birds and giant fish in the sea to explore and behold.. This earth that you see before you with all the crime and death and destruction, is NOT the one God intended us to live under.. So the one He intended is on its way and will be here soon..

  11. Such a sad and tragic ending for these two beautiful young people. I’m praying for their families and I pray their souls can finally rest in peace. To those who needed “proof” that the young man killed himself…special prayers going up for you.

  12. If you are a Christian and commit suicide it is still a sin as with a nonbeliever; but the believer will be pardoned from this sin and will spend eternity with God. The only unpardonable sin is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Being a Christian is not about religion but relationship with God. It amazes me that people can believe in Buddha a man made religion how can we look to a statue that to get it to dwell with us in our homes we need to first go purchase it then carry it and place it in our home. I would rather believe in a God that created the world than than a lifeless man made statue. I can’t say I know where these teenagers are now, but I really hope that the loss of their lives brings about something positive. This situation hurt me to my core and still bothers me now. I pray that the families of both of them find peace. I’m not trying to pick a fight or debate about what the Bible says, but we didn’t get here on our own look around sometime and ask yourself is man capable of such wonderful creation including man? Google scriptures about unpardonable sins. It’s sad we believe in satan but have a hard time believing in God. Life is tough and I just want to encourage every reading this comment to keep your head up!!!


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