Mexican Actor ‘Eduardo Yanez’ Slaps Reporter On The Face On Hollywood Red Carpet

A Mexican telenovela star Eduardo Yanez, took the drama to the red carpet on Tuesday when he lost his temper and slapped a reporter.
The 57-year- old,  was being interviewed on the red carpet by Univision reporter, Paco Fuentez, when he took offense at a question and attacked.

Paco is seen in the video asking Eduardo a question about the GoFundMe page his son created to pay for a car he recently crashed. The topic of his son is a sore one for Eduardo because he and his son have a strained relationship that became public back in June after the son accused his famous father on Twitter of being a drug addict, racist and woman abuser.

Paco asked Eduardo why his son couldn’t just go to him for the money and the actor felt the question was disrespectful and warned the reporter.
Eduardo responded in Spanish: “If you’re so worried about my son, you send him the money.”
The reporter responds that he’s just doing his job and reminds Eduardo the press is the link between public figures and the people. 

At this point, Eduardo accuses Paco of trying to make a big deal out of the situation and calls him a “pure a**” adding: “You’re not the link between anything and stop disrespecting me.”
Paco started to explain that he never disrespected him but mid-sentence, Eduardo stretches out his palm and hits him across the face.
The assault was caught on video and has gone viral with fans urging Paco to sue. Eduardo, who is said to have a history of being violent towards reporters, later tweeted an apology in Spanish.
Eduardo wrote: “I want to ask a sincere apology to the public and the person affected by my action. It was not correct. My personal life is not for sale.”
According to TMZ, he is now under criminal investigation after the reporter filed a report with the LAPD claiming assault and battery. 

Watch video: 

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