Video: Michael Bennett Talk About His Terrifying Encounter With Las Vegas Police 

Last week, Michael Bennett shared with everyone the recent encounter he had with Las Vegas police where he says he was racially profiled and handcuffed as police had their weapons drawn.

a recent interview with ABC News’ Bryon Pitts, the defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks explained the incident in detail and what it was like having to explain racial profiling to one of his daughters.

During the interview said, “I’m just thinking in my head, there’s like, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, all these people, these people that have been through this.”

He continued, “I’m literally just, like, worried if I make the wrong decision … if I move too fast, if I twitch, and somebody says I’m resisting … because I’m a big guy, you know what I’m saying?”

Bennett said during the August 27th incident he was at a Las Vegas casino when he heard people panicking and saying they heard gunfire. 

He described the scene as chaotic and said he ran to the door and leapt over a ledge when police addressed him with force and singled him out.
Check out the interview below:


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