‘Michael Roberson’ Charged With Attempted Murder As He Ripped Out His Baby Mama’s Eyes, During Alleged Domestic Assault

Man snatches his baby mother’s eyes out, with his bare hands

Michael Roberson, 45, is behind bars on attempted murder charges and $500,000 bail following the alleged attack on the mother of his kid. He allegedly ripped her eyes out of their sockets during an attack in Chattanooga Wednesday night, which also left her with stab wounds to her torso.

Roberson allegedly told detectives he blacked out during the attack and has no memory of it, the affidavit states.
Eyewitnesses called 911 after spotting Roberson allegedly sitting on top of the woman and tearing at her face.
Police arrived at the scene to find the 33-year-old woman laying face down in her yard with her eyeballs next to her, the affidavit states.

Roberson allegedly told police the violence was preceded by a fight the two had over their child. According to witnesses, the child also watched the alleged attack.

Court documents allege Roberson told police he was “at a low point in his life.”

A broken knife, keys, and torn clothing were removed from the scene as evidence.

In addition to attempted murder, Roberson is charged with aggravated domestic assault. He has yet to enter a plea, and no attorney is listed for him.

Roberson was charged with assaulting three police officers in 2006. A judge found him not guilty by reason of insanity and the case was dismissed.

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