Middle School Student Inspected For Weapons And Suspended After Liking A Picture Of A Gun On Instagram 

Zachary Bowlin, a student at Edgewood Middle School received a 10-day suspension in consequence of liking a picture of a gun on Instagram.
The school is saying Zachary broke a school policy by “Liking a post on social media that indicated potential school violence.”

Zachary’s parent are beyond angry.

“I was livid, I mean am sitting here thinking, ‘you just suspended him for ten days for liking a pictures of a gun on a social media site,” Marty Bowlin, Zachary’s dad said. 

“He never shared, he never commented, he never made a threatening post….He just liked it.”

Zachary says he didn’t even like the post during school hours. 

“I liked it, scrolling down Instagram at night about 7, 8 o’clock, I liked it,” he said. 

“The next morning they called me down to the office, patted me down and checked me for weapons.”

The school eventually withdrew his suspension. 

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