#MondayMotivation Lynxxx Inspirational IG Posts Has Us Thinking

Musician Lynxxx has been posting lots of inspirational advice on his Instagram page lately, from relationships to Christianity. Its really packed and has definitely got everyone thinking and also blessing us too. At least I know I have been blessed, you don’t see a fine bearded man preaching Truth like that nowadays.


His take on relationships, the fear of being single in this modern day and soulmates

… So lately, iv heard a few friends say stuff like “mehn im looking for a girlfriend so im going out more // do u have a babe for me? // oh im looking for this type of guy // some even sliding into random dms based on pictures on IG etc” All well and good but you are more or less running in circles to end up where u are now in time again.

We often forget that soulmates are blessings. Most people in my generation are starting to Panic at the realization of being single in this day and age but heres the thing, do u want to date (someone incompatible) based on looks or body type only to end up single again? Or do u want to find what is compatible with your heart and build a future with? This is the starting point of the journey… Deciding “WHAT” direction u are going.. Ill say tho its 2016 and we should all have had enough PLAY time by now! The turn down for what era should be behind you at this point in life otherwise you’re just not ready for reality.
Whats yours is yours and the only way to reach your destiny and your soul mate is to Listen to the direction God has for your life. He knows who is meant for you, he created both of you therefore YOU CAN NEVER know better than him.
We all need to WORK on ourselves, OUR lives, OUR bad habits, our Morals, OUR self control and Most importantly Our spiritual life and Relationship With God and then we may be ready to receive the blessing Gods been keeping in store for us because we were not ready to manage it in our old form and ways. Dont forget you cant actively go in-search of a spouse, God delivers your significant other to u. He puts both of u at the right place at the right time and THEN you receive ur blessing so WORK ON YOU and it would all fall into place! ?????? #MorningYall #Lynxxxdom#DailyLynxxxspiration #Lynxxxstagram#God1st #ManLikeLynxxx#ManWithAGreaterPurpose#StayBlessed

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