NBA Star Taj Gibson Donates $20K To Daughter Of Slain Mother

NBA star Taj Gibson turned a senseless act of violence into a very generous deed in his hometown Brooklyn, New York. 

Twenty-one year old Chynna Battle was the life of the party. Ambitious, generous, talented and beautiful were just a few of the words family and friends described this mother of a three-year-old baby girl. However, her smile has now become a memory due to a stray bullet that took her life.

According to Sports Illustrated, Battle’s family had set up a donation campaign to help care for the little girl soon after her mother’s death. In less than a week, the donations totaled nearly $24,000, the majority of that stemming from Gibson’s generosity. Gibson, a Brooklyn native himself, also experienced a senseless tragedy in the streets of Brooklyn when his cousin was stabbed to death in a Brooklyn elevator of an East New York public housing building in 2014.

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