Nene Leakes To Heckler- I Hope Your Uber Driver Rapes You On Ride Home

NeNe Leakes lost her temper with a heckler in the audience, At a standup comedy show, on Saturday.
Leakes was performing at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California, when she started to joke about male Uber drivers who tried to have sex with female passengers. The audience started to boo the joke, and Leakes got agitated, taking out her frustration on one woman in the audience in particular.

“I ain’t even gonna tell you about the goddamn Uber driver. I hope he rape yo’ a** tonight when he take you home, bi**h,” she said. “And steal yo’ funky hello kitty, bi**h.”

While it is not yet clear why Leakes singled out this woman in particular for her fury, she has since issued an apology.

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