New Developments As A Different Lady Steps Out To Confirm Apostle Suleman’s Sex Scandals!!!


OK, I stumbled on this on Instagram, does this confirm Apostle Suleman’s sex scandal?

I have my own story to share about the pastor omega church. I don’t want to call names and I want to remain anonymous too.
The major reason I am sending this message is not to shame anybody or call names but to advise girls never to get carried away by what they see especially on social media.

I am one of the pastors clients and he love 3 some so very much,the man is adventurous when it comes to sex and he pays in dollars. I don’t want to go into how I met him and all that but the stories you are hearing on the internet is very very true but because we trusted him as a man of God we did not border keeping evidence ,anyway evidence when he did not rape us,it was a willing act that we all agreed and we got rewarded in cash. Many girls you see on the internet showing off cars,houses etc they are runs girls like us,if they tell you what they do with this body to make this money they show you will be shocked and content with your innocent life . Many of them are actress that is why marriages don’t last for them . I don’t want to start calling name of actress I have had 3some with and done dirty deals with. Please don’t envy them.

Many times I look back and hate my life,because the pastor will give u the impression that you are the only one,but we know that we are very many. After the sex and I hear him preach the word of GOD,I beginning to doubt if God truly exist,because if he does he would have sent thunder or lightening to strike most of this pastors down because they do dirty things . But at the end it is our choice to make. I don’t know how he gets his money but the man is boxed up and the kind of dollars he give ,you might hardly say no to his request

.Please ladies don’t just read ,laugh and tag friends,learn from it and live a better life . This things are just vanity ,as I talk to you now I am over broke,if I tell you that I have touched millions you will not believe me because I can’t boast of 200 thousand naira in my life. I was almost tempted to call the pastors few days ago until this whole drama came out. Please ladies learn . Admin keep me anonymous,or I will sue you if my identity comes out,it is only you I sent this message to directly with my real a.c

Credit: break_or_makeup

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