New Evidence Shows Moses J. Moseley was kidnapped and murdered

Sequel to our previous report, the shooting of Walking Dead actor Moses J. Moseley is now being investigated as possible foul play.

This is due to new evidence, as family members suspected he was kidnapped and murdered with his death made-up to look like suicide.

The 31-year-old Moses Moseley, who appeared on the Walking Dead movie from 2012 to 2015 playing the armless and jawless Mike, a pet zombie, was found dead in his car late last month January in Stockbridge, Georgia, a city on the outskirts of Atlanta, with bullet to the head and a gunshot to his lap.

His Family decleared him missing in January 26th, when they didn’t hear from him since January 23, 2022.

According to TMZ reports. They contacted car security company OnStar, which tracked his vehicle to where his body was found that day.

At first the Cops suspected that Moseley took his own life. However, Moses’ sister, Teerea Kimbro, declared that those who knew her brother knew he loved life and that he would never commit suicide.

Moses’ sister also told the outlet that her brother, who had a recurring role as a zombie character on the hit show, had a scheduled that Monday before his body was found but failed to show up, something she said he would never do.

Coincidentally, the actor had just wrapped a movie in which he played a man who died in a tragic accident. Mosley sister said he was happy with where his career was heading, and that they had big plans for the future.

Captain Randy Lee of the Stockbridge Police Department told TMZ ‘During the preliminary investigation, the potential of the death being a suicide was considered while not ruling out any other possibilities,’ .

Moseley’s family reportedly questioned if his death was suicide from the start, and had expressed a suspicion that he may have been kidnapped and murdered.

We will bring more update as evidences unfolds.

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