New York Man ‘Robert Rodriguez’ Arrested For Shooting, The Mother Of His Newborn Baby 

30 year-old, Robert Rodriguez,  shot and killed the mother of his newborn son at their Queens apartment,in New York, on Sunday. 

Robert, is said to have been involved in a fight with his girlfriend Luz Cuza,34. 

According to Police, the hot-tempered boyfriend shot Cuza in the head outside her home on 147th St. near 133rd Ave. in Jamaica at about 2 a.m. She was taken to Jamaica Hospital, where doctors tried in vain to save her.
After the shooting, Robert fled the scene but was later captured by police, officials said.
Narrating the sad event, Ray Garcia, the victim’s brother, said he paid the couple a visit around 1 a.m. where he saw his sister outside and her boyfriend loading a gun in the doorway.

“I didn’t think nothing of it,” he said. “She didn’t say nothing. She was just sitting there. She had confidence that he wouldn’t hurt her — she’s his baby’s mother.”

“I looked at her and said, ‘What are you doing?’ She said, ‘I don’t think he’s gonna do nothing.’ So I went around house,’” Garcia said.

“Then I hear one shot.”
According to him, when he came back outside, he found his sister on the ground bleeding from the head.

“I started crying. I told her, ‘I’m gonna save you, I’m gonna save you,’” “She took a deep breath, but couldn’t talk. I started knocking on everybody’s door to get someone to call an ambulance.”

Cuza was taken to Jamaica Hospital where she died, officials said.

According to New York Post report that Rodriguez has been charged with murder, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of marijuana. His arraignment was pending early Monday.

Robert Rodriguez and Luz Cuza who had been together for around 18 months recently welcomed a son.

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