NLE Choppa has shared his thoughts. He thinks people are naïve if they think rap wars can just end like the longstanding beef between Young Dolph & Yo Gotti.

NLE Choppa Wants to Build His Own Music Empire - XXL

The rapper who is from Memphis was on the latest episode of “It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper,” where he spoke about feuds between artists. The feud between Yo Gotti and the late Young Dolph came up. Here was what Choppa said.

He said “Certain stuff ya just gotta understand, like some s*** just ain’t meant to end.” According to TMZ , in 2017, Blac Youngsta who is one of Yo Gotti’s rappers turned himself in to the cops investigating Young Dolph shooting in Charlotte. Not only did he turn himself in, he was named a person of interest.

After Young Dolph death in Memphis, he released his music video in 2021 standing in front of a tomb with Dolph’s name on it. Choppa doesn’t think it’s an easy thing to let go of this feud as he believes that the feud runs strong in Memphis not even giving the dead a break.

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