#NYSC Going To Camp? Don’t Leave Home Without This Things

By tomorrow, 27th April 2016, we would be having a new set of ‘Otondo’ corpers resuming at their various camps. NYSC camps could be stressful and also very much fun (in the last week), if you go with all the necessary items. Of course NYSC will be providng basic things you need, but to survive your 3 weeks Orientation you will need more than what NYSC would be providing you.

Before we get to what should be in your bags and boxes, lets not forget our important documents to come with.

Call-up letters

Statement of Result

First degree Certificates

School ID Card

Not less than 15 Passport Photographs and copies of these documents

That done, here are the numerous essentials you will also really need but no one will tell you.


Rumor has it that some camps do not have great toilets, lets not forget we are humans and we can not hold our special waste for 3 long weeks, no for 21 long days. Be wise today, buy your personal toilet.

NYSC camp ready things you need for camp potty


Big padlocks

You definitely need a big padlock for all your belongings, if possible yourself too.

NYSC camp ready things you need for camp padlock


Toilet paper/ Newspaper/Nylon

One word…Shot put! This comes in handy when the toilet is really horrible and if you do not have potty, but you have skills for shot put! I had to buy a pack of black nylon bags and lots of tissue when I was leaving for camp,lol.

NYSC camp ready things you need for camp toilet paper

Mosquito Nets

I am pretty sure you don’t want to be a victim of a bloody feast for a scourge of mosquitoes on your fresh body. You need a good mosquito net for your protection.

NYSC camp ready things you need for camp mosquito net

Torch Light

Need I say much? you need to be alert to catch those big rats(people) trying to open your big padlocks.

NYSC camp ready things you need for camp flash light


Fake Inhaler

This can come in handy for those brethren that feel their lungs may feel the need to develop little problem/fault in their various camps and feel the need to be deployed from that state or simply get a medical report to escape from the rigours of parade. I got one, but I used it for camp seminars instead. I ended up loving parade, I became the sub-guard commandant for my platoon and we won!!! lol

NYSC camp ready things you need for camp inhaler

Money, Money & More Money

You never know how great the ambiance of the camp will be, it might be quite uncomfortable or the food might not be great, or you forgot these important essentials above. Please endeavor to take a minimum of N40,000, you could save some of it, but you really don’t want to run out of money, especially if you are not a fan of camp food.  And then again, ‘tie’ your money to your waist, sleep with it, bath with it, do everything with it. Its an advice, lol

Extra Clothes For Sunday

Your white tops and shorts would get a breather on Sunday, as you are allowed to wear your Sunday best then. Don’t misuse that opportunity to flaunt your clothes.



P.S Don’t also forget extra white tops and shorts, towel, toiletries, bed sheets, pillows, waist purse, hangers, pegs, white tennis shoes, whites socks, food flask, cups and cutlery and a lot of provisions and PADLOCK!

Have fun!

Libs of ORC

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