Oprah’s Shares Horrific Childhood Trauma That Almost Made Her Commit Suicide

Oprah Winfrey recently opened up about her rough childhood, saying that being molested by relatives, and being raped and impregnated at 14 by her uncle, led her to consider suicide.

“I hit rock-bottom,” Winfrey said on The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast. “I became pregnant and hid the pregnancy. I’d intended to kill myself actually. I thought there’s no way other than killing myself. I was just planning on how to do it. If I’d had the Internet, I might not be alive because now you can just Google how to do it.”
Winfrey says she had a miscarriage, which her father called a “second chance” for her. Winfrey says she absorbed those words as a mantra. “I was, in many ways, saved by that, and I made a decision that I was going to turn it around,” she adds.

Winfrey also revisited her strong stand against the N-word amid the controversy surrounding Bill Maher, who apologized for saying it on his HBO show “Real Time.”

“I think the word should be eliminated from the lexicon,” says Winfrey. “I think it should be eliminated for everybody…. Nobody should be allowed to say it.”

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