ORC Tatafo: The Complete Burna Boy & Uju Stella Pregnancy Saga, Twitter Users Reacts

So last week, a lady, Uju Stella came out to tell the world that she was pregnant and the baby belonged to popular musician, Burna Boy. At first, I thought she was probably just reaching and doesn’t even know Burna Boy, because it was actually very weird. Obviously Burna Boy has been keeping her quiet since and that Friday she decided to let it all out.

burna boy babymama saga uju stella

See what she wrote below


Burna Boy reacted by posting a video claiming he slept with her only once. Just once Mister man, or is it Boy, Ahaan, ‘once’ is too small to get a lady pregnant, no you have to do it plenty times before she can get pregnant. What sort musicians do we have in this country, and to think they are ambassadors for corporate organizations. Can Burna Boy stop threatening the girl and do a proper DNA test when the baby comes and if its his, he ‘mans’ up and take responsibility for his child and babymama.

As usual, Twitter users had to ‘weigh’ into the matter

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