ORC Video: This Has To Be The Most Annoying Proposal Of All Time

Saw this video on Facebook and decided to share here. This definitely has to be the most annoying, dangerous and craziest proposal ever.

A young man had his friends put on balaclavas, pull his terrified girlfriend out of his car and shove her face-down on the ground – all so that he could propose to her.

What was he thinking? Vlad Lungu staged a police ambush on his girlfriend Alexandra in his native city of Brasov in central Romania 

This is not how you treat a lady: After pulling her out of the car the fake police shoved her against the ground and shouted at her 

Terrifying moment: Vlad Lungu had told his girlfriend that they were going for a drive before he surprised her 

Anybody that does this to me ehn… the ‘warri girl’ in me would most definitely pop out. Lol

Watch the video below here

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