ORC Weddings: Getting The Music Right At Your Wedding Reception #DJWeymo

Remember this #1 Rule when planning your Wedding… IT”S A CELEBRATION!! So, don’t overthink it. If you allow the planning of your wedding to stress you out or ruin the process, you don’t need to be having a wedding. Allow yourself to be in the moment and to have fun! It’s your Wedding, don’t allow relatives or friends to have too much influence, such that it takes away the “you” part of your wedding. You NEED a Venue, Food, Alcohol, Entertainment, a Minister/Rabbi/Officiant, Photographer and a Wedding DJ, this is very key, as the music sets the tone for your wedding reception.

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The music that would be played at your wedding is just too important to ignore. Seems easy enough to take charge of the music at your birthday party/wedding reception and totally nail it right? Wrong! If you want your event to leave a lasting impression on the minds of those present, take note of these 3 reasons why you should hire a DJ for your events.

  1. The songs need to match the occasion

Every wedding event  is unique and as such should have specific genres of music peculiar to it. Ever had a relative play Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn or Darey Art Alade’s Girl I Used To Know at your wedding reception?  I certainly hope not, but you get my drift. Better to hire a person qualified to select the right kind of music to suit the ambiance of your events.

  1. What are the top trending songs of today?

Wouldn’t you want to have your guests dancing to all the latest jams at your birthday bash? Of course you do! How about when your family and friends are in the mood for a blast from the past with some classics? Professional DJs pride themselves in their large collections of music spanning across many eras. Hire a professional DJ and stay up to date and down memory lane all in the same moment.


3. DJ please don’t stop the music!!!

Nothing kills the vibe of a party like the awkward seconds witnessed when the music abruptly comes to a halt. Or even when the previous song played doesn’t blend with the next song. A DJ understands how the songs in a mix relate to each other when it comes to tempo, musical key, rhythm and genre. Hire a professional DJ to keep the vibe continuous and consistent.

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If everyone could do it without breaking a sweat, there wouldn’t be professional DJs around. Don’t get tempted into trying to manage all the aspects of creating a sonically memorable event. Why not hire a person that has the tools, creativity and experience to provide guests with the satisfaction of having attended an awesome party.

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