Over 200 Lives Claimed By Deadly Mudslide In Sierra Leone 

Hundreds are feared dead after mudslides rip through Freetown, the capital of SierraLeone. A hillside gave way to heavy rains leaving thousands affected.

President Ernest Koroma expressed his sorrow in a speech today. 

“Many of our compatriots have lost their lives, many more have been gravely injured and billions of Leones worth of property destroyed in the flooding and landslides that swept across some parts of our city,” he said.

“I am very disturbed by this national tragedy and with a heavy heart, let me extend profound condolences to the bereaved families. This is not a tragedy for you alone; it is a tragedy for every Sierra Leonean because the people who have perished in this disaster are our compatriots. Every single family, every single ethnic group, every single region is either directly or indirectly affected by this disaster.”
The country is currently executing rescue missions and providing “medical and therapeutic” support. Our prayers are with Sierra Leone.

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