Over 30 People Were Arrest By The Police, For Looting In Florida 

Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida, and hundreds and thousands of people evacuated the state…except for a couple of looters!

At least 32 people are in custody for trying to steal from these businesses and homes that had been evacuated to prepare for Irma. Out of those 32, 28 alone were in Miami.

Two people reportedly broke into an Orlando sporting store and allegedly stole some guns.

The suspects didn’t get the chance to run off because the SWAT team ended up showing up. One of the individuals surrendered and the other barricaded himself inside the store. SWAT officers used gas in order to subdue one of the suspects.

To make matters worse a local utility company near Orlando reported that a few residents have made some complaints about people dressing up as utility workers and robbing them at gunpoint.

News outlets caught two groups breaking into two separate sporting good stores and running off with merchandise. One of the alleged suspects was shot and at least 12 people were taken into custody.

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