[Pics] He Gave I and Anita STDs, His Family Never Liked Me, He Called Off The Wedding 3 Times; Shocking Revelation From Toke Makinwa’s ‘On Becoming’

Toke Makinwa released her must-tell last Sunday, and a lot of revelations are starting to come out from her relationship with Maje Ayida and the role Anita Solomon played. Chapter 8  titled ‘Hurt’ focuses on her relationship with Maje, how he gave her STDs, how he borrowed money from her and how he never wanted her to get pregnant, while getting Anita Solomon pregnant.

toke makinwa stds maje anita

Why anyone will allow someone treat them this way is beyond me. A lot of people  have been bashing Toke Makinwa for coming out with her book, even Stella Dimoko Korkus, a fellow woman said she ought to have kept quiet and not talk or bring out this book, simply because she is a Nigerian or African woman. Yet we complain we are backward, but we engage in backward thinking of telling women not to talk when hurt, telling women to keep smiling for the public, telling women to hush because another man might not find her attractive. I believe Toke told her truth, yes she lied throughout her 12 years relationship, painting a picture perfect story, but she was strong enough to admit that. Lets give her that, as for Anita and Maje Ayida, I have no words.

Screenshots of the books are below



Pretty sad stuff.!

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