Producer Mano Says Katy Perry Called Him The N-Word

Over the weekend, Katy Perry recieved a ton of side eyes for a “joke”in which she compared her hair not being dyed black anymore to Barack Obama no longer being in office. Since then, Katy Perry has been on the bad side of the internet.

Now, Mano, a producer, recounts a story he told Twitter back in 2013 where he says Perry called him and his friends “n****” while they partied in Paris. 

His initial tweet on June 13, 2013 said:

“I wish y’all coulda been there when Kary Perry referred to me as a “n****” ironically in Paris. Y’all knows she says it regularly right.”

Mano says Perry has no shame in calling him the n-word but he was totally uncomfortable.

After Perry’s eventful weekend, Mano decided to provide more details on his encounter. Mano said, 

“this Was The day b4 ye fashion show. While she was juke’n my cuz she started cailling us her n**** and we asked her 2 stop a few times.” 

Mano goes on to say that they had to explain to Katy that what she said was “really offensive” but she couldn’t understand why. 

His tweets continued, 

“what’s more amazing is. I tweeted that shit in 2013 & y’all ain’t say’n shit about it until u catch the person red handed? Who the bigger fool. No1 cared that my feelings were hurt as a person thought it was OK 2 say that word 2 me 2 relate with me. “

Although he shared his experience, he says he has no “personal vendetta” against Perry. 

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