Quinton Aaron Drops 100 LBS, says New Year New Me

Quinton Aaron, who was best known for his role in the movie “The Blind Side,” has dropped a weight of 100 pounds.

Quinton tells TMZ that he gained quite a bit of weight during the pandemic, as regards to eating at home and developing a craving for chocolate, which he never had before the virus hit.

He said, he usually starts his morning by eating 2 jumbo-sized KitKat packs and 2 Reese’s packs. If he goes out to eat, he would complete his meal with a chocolate dessert. He does eat a lot of bread and sometimes 2 large sandwiches in one sitting.

Aaron said he wanted to make a change because he has a lot of professional goals with his production company and music.”I used the new year as a way to get a new me,” he says and that work paid off! He went from 559 pounds to 462 lbs.

Quinton Aaron stopped eating candy bars and bread from his diet, and switched to Cobb salads for lunch and sticking to a keto diet along with fasting and has also been walking and doing stretching exercises.

Aaron has said, he wants to drop another 64 lbs by May 10 to honor his late mom on her birthday. This was his weight during “The Blind Side” movie.

His overall goal is to get between 300-325 pounds. We wish him the best.

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