#RandomThoughts What Exactly Is This Wife Material, We Keep Talking About?

This ‘Wife Material of a topic has been disturbing I and my roomie(MO)  for quite a while now and we have been trying to analyse (as economists) how many yards is suitable to be wife material?

On what conditions are the measurement for wife material made, what is the minimum yard and maximum yard that is applicable for Wife Materialism? What exactly are the benefits of wife materialism? The ring or The man? ( Because some gets the ring, but actually do not have the man). I actually have a lot of thoughts running through my mind right now.

So you see, what started this whole discussion was the fact that our flatmate cooked a whole pot of beans for a guy who is always in her room 24/7 while she was preparing for her masters exam that same day. And it left us wondering, Beans kwa, what happened to gala and LaCasera to hold the stomach or Indomie?

Pot of Beans!

While I and MO were rolling around in our room thinking of how we will buy Akara and Dundun from the woman next door, we were actually debating which of us should run the errand, our excuse being that we were busy writing projects, applying for jobs and watching episodes of Nigerian Idol in between.

We had to drag her practically for our brothers that needed wife, so does that make her a Wife Material and we non-Wife Material.

MO said something her brother told her and I quote

Guys like Wife Material looking ladies, because they always have food in their rooms and always eager to help, but at the end of the day most times would end up marrying non- Wife Materials looking ladies”

Some ladies even pretend to look like Wife Materials, because how else do you explain a lady who only started dating a guy for two weeks, already cooking for him and washing his clothes, in her own house? Who does all these things, they really need some flogging.

images (2)

Isn’t the guy still meant to be toasting at that period in time, aren’t you still supposed to be doing take-outs, him cooking for you and all those mushy stuffs.

I am not saying all those who does this stuffs are pretending, but I know some ladies who pretend to love football, pretend to clean toilets, cook food, sweep floor and even the whole compound self at Le Boo’s place, so that Le Boo can look at them as Wife Materials, while they can’t do same at home. And I am also not saying that cooking for your man is wrong and all, please don’t get me wrong, but give it time, and do it because you feel like or you love cooking, and not because you want your man to look at you like a Wife Material, cleaning toilets and washing clothes, that’s another lonnnnnng story biko.

My thoughts on this issue basically is to BE YOURSELF! BE THE TROPHY! BE WOMAN!



Someone will like you for you, don’t go about doing wifely duties just so you can snag a man.  It doesn’t work or does it?

Don’t be a fire by force Wife Material!

Or what do you guys think??? 😀

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0 thoughts on “#RandomThoughts What Exactly Is This Wife Material, We Keep Talking About?

  1. Lol that’s quite a funny list. I cant be bothered about all this but biko my wife must know how to cook. That’s all.

  2. Na wa…. I jus finished cooking beans this evening….. Who care to share in this delicacy? 1RC, how did u know I just cooked beans sef?

  3. Na wa…. I jus finished cooking beans this evening….. Who care to share in this delicacy? 1RC, how did u know I just cooked beans set? LMAO

  4. LOL…I’d probably be visiting here anytime i want something to ease off my stress.I want to believe this update is a satire. Not just for the laugh it produced but also the way it was written. WHAT it described has little to do with a Wife Material (WF ) but painted everything that resembles a poor infatuated innocent girl or an overaged, desperate woman, both who melt at the sight of a dream man, and want to do everything to be The One.

    OneRandomChic here created a false dichotomy between the image she painted in the post and the actual Wife Material: A lady that did all described may or may not be a wife material. We all have been infatuated in the past at the sight of what we desire. No.It doesnt qualify us as the real material but doesnt mean we arent.

    The point is, a Wife material can do most of these but she knows when to step and when to stop. She would not do in a way suggestive of desperation, at a wrong time, as an eye service, with an obvious motive or an assertive, insubordinative manner. She’d be subtle. The milk of kindness would flow across naturally and a keen looker would be able to spot it.

    There is no Almighty Formula to know this, but we all know caring when we see it. We all know good when we feel it.

    Wife materiality isn’t an instantaneous acting; it’s an impression, a personality-associated, worldview connected, attitudinal issue.

    Doesn’t take much to learn. Although this is not exhaustive, a mere cursory or perfunctory peep at a girl’s portfolio, if it reveals a non-feminist, feminine, dutiful, courteous, modest, maternally instinctual, focused, caring and God-fearing, responsible lady, don’t let her go. At least I won’t (*wink*)

    Those are the ‘base’ qualities. However, since no one is an epitome of all qualities, individual consideration comes in. A dint of this-pays-for-that and this-masks-that-effect character assortments could suffice. The rest depends on our tastes and dreams seeing as different men marry for different reasons.

    Personally, I believe someone who wants to master others should first master themselves. When a guy stands face to face to his own reflection in a mirror, he should go for the kind of girl that complements what he sees.

    As for me, I would go for a lady that is affectionate, genuinely caring (not necessarily to me only but to others around her), lively, intelligent (problem solving, can make polite logically coherent arguments with me and others and can read signs), supportive (of my positive aspirations ), that others like, that has good sense of humor, well mannered, neat, can manage resources, not ridiculously high to maintain, moderately but not too jealous and can cook me delicious food.

    All this would make me a happy man, and put me on my toes to want to return that same measure of love and care to her as long as I shall live.

    You see this in the way a girl treats herself.

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