Rapper DaBaby banned from a California bowling alley

Rapper DaBaby will no longer be allowed inside a Southern California-based bowling alley.

This is because, he got engaged in a fisticuffs with his babymama who is also singer, DaniLeigh’s older brother.

Viral videos uploaded to social media, shows rapper DaBaby and some members of his entourage, punching her brother, Brandon Bills, and slamming him on his back at a bowling alley.

Rapper DaBaby seem to have thrown the first punch before his team took over and began to descend on Brandon. This rift between Dababy and DaniLeigh is sure not ending soon.

So the gist is , DaniLeigh and rapper DaBaby dated for some time before they welcomed a baby girl, and later broke up. It happened that late 2021, the two got into a fight, and DaBaby called the police on DaniLeigh after he asked her to leave his house with their baby and she refused. The rapper live-streamed the altercation and this caused outrage online.

Apparently Brandon Bills was still angered by the way his sister was treated by DaBaby, he threatened to fight rapper DaBaby.

After the altercation, Brandon took to social media and said he had tried to approach him and talk but he was attacked. He said that when he saw the rapper, he approached him and said “let’s talk one on one like some men.”

Brandon was by himself and was talking to DaBaby when everything went left. He said after he slipped on the bowling lane, he was grabbed by his hair and jumped by Da Baby and his crew.

Following the outrage, the fight has generated, the bowling alley, Corbin Bowl, in Topanga, California, has banned DaBaby from returning, after reviewing security footage to check who started the fight.

Should we tell these two to take a chill pill and let by gones be by gones?

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