Reader’s Corner: Close Source Said Tiwa Savage Has Always Been Bullied And Abused

A blog reader from SDK dissected the whole Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz marriage breakdown and had the following to say.


As a non Nigerian, over the years followed the rumors of abuse within their marriage within the blogsphere. I was like ehm this one that the fire keeps blowing and it’s not ceasing. There’s no smoke without fire. This rumor no na rumor again oh na truth. I noticed her pics she wasn’t smiling to her eyes.

The lyrics to this song Woju remix caught my attention after she gave birth
“cause the more wey you look am, the less you go see….
getting money like Rihanna
seeing the Future, Ciara..”
You know at the time she drop this music Future and Ciara were broken up and Ciara was holding her ground on her own. I was shew married woman sing so. Because we all know Ciara’s music is not that strong.

This is not all about A Nigerian man. It’s all about An INSECURE MAN. Most African men take the excuse of oppressing a woman and not building their own self esteem.

To an extent Stella I have to call out Tiwa, because trust me am not suprised her husband is abusing her verbally or emotionally. Tiwa was abused severally when she was young. And this calls out to all girls who have had similar experience. To work on yourself, build your self esteem. So that when you recognize a bully you so confident in your self that you take a left. The domineering one smell that vulnerability and leach on weak people.

I am trying to say that am not a Nigerian to be well versed with these celebrities. But their body language gives away alot and puts two and two together.

And it comes back to your question Stella has anybody asked how Tiwa is doing? Although there’s no rule book in parenting and her Mom did the best to shower love to Tiwa while she was severally being buillied in school. If not dealt properly How are you doing Tiwa? She might be geared towards that direction for validation. It’s a subsconcious thing. Fix it Jesus Christ. Hugs and Hugs Tiwa.

It is well.

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