Reasons Why Connecticut Schools Are Against The Netflix Series-“13 Reasons Why”

Connecticut schools have joined forces to exile the hit Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”-which they say depicts suicide as “a viable and/or romanticized options” for teens.

Two school heads sent letters to parents advising them to discuss the Netflix hit with their children. the school officials also asked the parents to include information about how to help students who have considered suicide.

Connecticut’s Trumbull High School sent a letter explaining that the series 

 “can be very difficult to watch and could easily trigger feelings of distress in vulnerable viewers.”

Monroe Public School also had some concerns with the series. The school highlighted the show’s failure to mention alternative options beside suicide saying, 

“there is no mention of the mental health and treatment options” and “the series’ message does not comply with health recommendations for treating mental health, trauma and preventing suicide.”

Netflix has however stood by the show, stating that the creators “engaged the careful advice of medical professionals.”

What are your thoughts on the show?

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