Reasons Why Guys Dump Ladies From The First Date

You think you know someone… until they go ahead and do that thing.

You know, that thing. The one reprehensible action that changes how you see them in your eyes. Almost immediately, all feelings you had wash way. That perfect picture you’d constructed in your head becomes erased.


When exactly this occurs is different for everyone.

It usually takes a while in a relationship to truly uncover who the person that you’re dating really is. After some time, whether it’s weeks or months, is when you see the true character emerge.

If you’re lucky, their true qualities and demeanor stay as they were. And if you’re not… well, get yourself out of there and don’t look back. That’s just what these guys did.

Below, a handful of gentlemen took to Reddit and explained that one thing a girl did in their relationship that made them suddenly run for the hills.

* This girl’s list of sexual partners was a tad bit extensive.

She showed me a list of guys she’s been with, and it was over 100. She was 18 so it freaked me out.

*These girls asked to move in almost immediately.

We met at a party, hooked up, hung out the next day. Two weeks later she got a ride to my town from some guy she had been stringing along. We spent the weekend together, and as we were waiting for her string-along to come pick her up, she asked if she could come back the next weekend with all her stuff. She just wanted to get out of her parents’ house. It was a shame, I was really interested in her, but I couldn’t fathom the poor decision-making of wanting to move in with me just to get out of her parents’ house (which was not an abusive or even uncomfortable situation). And, Even though we seemed to have a connection, it made me unsure how into me She really was, and how much was just desperation to leverage herself out of her living situation. She ended up moving in with string-along chauffeur boy a couple of weeks later.

* This girl just straight up cheated with her ex.

Sucked her ex boyfriends dick…This girl had some serious emotional issues. Came to my house while sloppy drunk, and threatened to kill herself if we broke up. I was 17. I was not even remotely equipped to deal with that shit.

*This girl really couldn’t handle her alcohol.

She was a sloppy drunk. I get it if you’re all fucked up towards the end,but this was like…A few drinks into the night.

* This girl’s sex growling completely killed the mood.

There was this Ukrainian girl I really wanted to get with in my first year of Uni, super hot loads of guys were into her and I finally managed to hook up with her after a party. Once things got going she got far to into it to the point she’s doing this weird grin and growling during sex like she’s possessed it was super creepy. Turned out I got off easy because she ended up being known for being a bit of a weirdo from other guys who dated her.

* This girl had their future planned together after the first date.

* Ladies who think it’d be smart to talk marriage and kids right away.

It was a first date, and she brought up marriage and kids. It was very casual, but I wasn’t that into her anyway, and I never saw her again. And this girl actually had kids already.

*This girl thought drinking and driving was a cool thing to do.

She bragged about having a bottle of jameson in the back seat of her car and how she takes swigs from it before driving. And bragged about how a cop didn’t see the bottle when he pulled her over for an expired tag. I was not impressed..

Well… it sounds like these women were just a bit overeager. Let’s just say that nobody is perfect. But ladies, don’t let this be you.


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