Richard Irvin, Gets $20M Donation For Campaign

Richard Irvin, who is currently mayor of Aurora, Ill., is facing four other Republicans in the upcoming primary.

Aurora, Illinois Mayor, Richard Irvin’s GOP primary campaign to be his state’s governor just got a major boost. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, billionaire Ken Griffin has reportedly made a $20 million donation to Irvin’s campaign on Monday (February 14), making his support official.

Should we call this a valentine’s day present? Griffin has previously said that he will spend millions to defeat Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker, who is also a billionaire.

For Richard Irvin, who is a Black man, to defeat him, he will first have to win the Republican primary for governor to which he is currently, facing four other GOP primary candidates.

Do you think he will win? Well lets keep our fingers crossed.

Irvin will also have to get backings from supporters of Trump in the GOP, while being centrist enough to compete in the November election against Pritzker.

In the middle of January, Pritzker donated $90 million to his own campaign fund, with some of the money going to other Democratic organizations in Illinois.

Crime is a major issue. This is the subject of a campaign ad Irvin released on Friday.

In a statement, Griffin blamed Pritzker for the violence, which has been an issue in the city for decades. “We must end the senseless violence that has engulfed our state, and has put countless mothers in the pain of losing a child to a random shooting,”.

He said that Pritzker “puts politics first and refuses to address the crime, that is tearing our state, cities and families. “I firmly believe Richard Irvin has the character and leadership needed to make Illinois a place where people can feel safe to live, raise a family and pursue their dreams,” he said.

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