Rishi Sunak: UK’s Next Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak to emerge as the next UK Prime Minister, after his rival, Penny Mordaunt dropped from the race. At 42, Rishi Sunak will be the youngest UK Prime Minister in more than a century, since Lord Liverpool (1812) and also the first British-Asian Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak was born in Southampton in 1980, to Hindu parents who migrated to the UK and he is the eldest of 3 children. He is also married to Akshata Murty and they have two kids together. Rishi Sunak political career was also the fastest from being first elected as an MP to becoming PM, taking just seven years. This is a significant moment for British-Asians in the UK and indeed all minorities in the UK.

Rishi Sunak

However the Labour are opposing his emergence and are calling for general election, according to a Labour source “This is the same Rishi Sunak who as chancellor failed to grow the economy, failed to get a grip on inflation, and failed to help families with the Tory cost-of-living crisis. It is the same Rishi Sunak whose family avoided paying tax in this country before he put up taxes on everyone else.”

Liz Truss, outgoing UK’s PM has already sent a congratulatory tweet and offers her full support

Theresa May has also sent in her congratulations. More information coming, and this page will be updated.

Congratulation Rishi Sunak, I hope you complete your term and help our economy

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