Rob Kardashian IG Shuts Him Down For Chyna Nudes… Move To Twitter 

It seems Instagram has had it with Rob Kardashian’s revenge porn against Blac Chyna, ’cause they just shut down his page.
Rob tweeted Wednesday … “Since Instagram shut me down everyone peep my twitter lol” … and then proceeded to post the same nudes of his ex on Twitter.
As we reported … Rob’s on a social media rampage against Chyna after he allegedly caught her cheating, posting naked pictures of her as well as text messages from her and her alleged side pieces.

It’s unlikely Rob will be prosecuted under California’s revenge porn law, because prosecutors must show the victim suffered emotional distress … almost impossible to do since Chyna “liked” the pics on Instagram.
Probably won’t be long now ’til @Jack and co. take him down on Twitter too.

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