Ron White’s Estranged Wife ‘Margo Rey’ files New Suits… Demands Her Website Back & $81k A Month

Ron White‘s estranged wife claims he’s left her high and dry, and she needs money STAT to get her life back on track … $81,597 monthly to be exact.
Margo Rey filed new legal docs last week asking for the spousal support, and an additional $85k in court costs. She also claims one of White’s biz associates hijacked the 3 domain names of her websites “essential to her brand and career” … and she’s demanding them back.
We broke the story … Margo says Ron ended things earlier this summer and essentially evicted her from their home by changing all the locks while she was gone. He allegedly cut her off financially and initially cancelled her health insurance, too … despite her being in remission from breast cancer.
On top of all that, according to the docs, Ron’s trying to sabotage her career.
Margo now says Ron’s worth more than $19 million — up from $14 million she previously claimed — and she wants a big chunk of that.

Ron still claims the 2 were never officially married.

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