Ruggedman Assaulted In London Restaurant By Four Misguided Boys.

On Friday June 14, 2019, Nigerian rapper Micheal Ugochukwu, otherwise known as Ruggedman was attacked at a restaurant in London.

The Nigerian rapper was dining at a fast food named 805 restaurants when he was accousted by a group of four boys wearing a hoodie.They were so vicious that they kept hitting him repeatedly with a chair before he was able to rescue himself from them.

A few hours later, the Nigerian rapper took to his official Instagram handle to confirm the incident saying he won’t stop in fighting for the youths. He also thanked the London Police department for their prompt action.
“Being attacked by four misguided boys will not deter me from fighting for the youths, even though they blindly fight me” He wrote alongside a picture of him and a London police officer.

It can be recalled that prior to the arrest and arraignment of Nigerian singer Azeez  Fashola otherwise known as Naira Marley, Ruggedman had chided the singer for showing support for cybercrime better known as Yahoo Yahoo.

“@nairamarley My brother, I love your music and all but you need to get one thing clear and do not mislead people. Especially kids on social media. You can do Yahoo all you want, but do not disrespect the part of the black race that was sold into slavery by trying to use it to justify cybercrime. The people who bought slaves died ages ago. If you want to fight that, then start a cause/movement against the British and America. Whoever owned slaves, but stealing the hard earned money of other people isn’t about slavery. You say the Nigerian leaders are looting trillions outta this country, why aren’t you hacking their accounts and giving back to the people Robin Hood style? I swear I go hail you for that one,”

However, it appears Ruggedman was attacked on the night that Naira Marley was released but that is yet to remain unclear, and Naira Marley did not appear to have issued comments about the matter, which had spread to Nigerian social media overnight.

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