Serena & Venus’ Dad Files For Divorce From His Wife

Richard Williams has filed divorce papers against his wife of seven years, claiming she forged his name and stole property.
Richard Williams, father of tennis super-stars Serena & Venus Williams, is filing for divorce.
Williams filed documents in Florida, amid accusations that his 38-year-old wife was stealing money from him. The 75-year-old claims Lakeisha forged his name on a deed to transfer property and cars to herself. He also alleges that his estranged wife was stealing his social security checks.
Williams, who shares a five-year-old daughter with Lakeisha, included in the documents that he feels his daughter is in danger, citing that Lakeisha is now living with someone who “has serious criminal, felony charges pending.”
Reports says that Lakeisha’s attorney denied the allegations, saying in a statement the claims are “false and will be prove to be false when we litigate the case in court.”

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