Shanna Moakler has said that she’s not trying to get on with Lamar Odom. Even though she is  flirting with him on “Celebrity Big Brother” and upsetting her boyfriend in the process.

Shanna, who was recently evicted from the ‘CBB’ house, told TMZ she’s not interested in Lamar, romantically or in any capacity. She however, said that she understands why her boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau, is pissed about her antics in the ‘CBB’ house.

So according to TMZ ,  Shanna’s boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau, was not happy with the subtle sexual innuendos flying back and forth between Shanna Moakler and Lamar Odom. He began to have second thoughts about popping the question.

Shanna says Matthew’s feelings are valid, admitting she made comments that would have hurt her if the roles were reversed. She said that, the last thing she ever wanted was to hurt the one person who has been by her side through thick and thin.

Recall, Matthew was shopping for engagement rings earlier this month, but now he’s reconsidering as he and Shanna have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Shanna Moakler says she and Matthew, have dated on and off since 2020  and are taking things day by day, but are still together and “working on us.”

It is looking like  Shanna Moakler wants a future together. “Matthew means everything to me”, she says.

WE are not sure if the feeling is mutual for Mathew.

Stay with us as we bring more updates.

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