Simon Leviev Says “I Can Make it in Hollywood”

Simon Leviev is determined to turn his “Tinder Swindler” fame into a legit career, as he plans to break into Hollywood. According to TMZ, he has already been signed with a talent manager. He also wants to write a book, star on a dating show, and host a dating podcast. Simeon Leviev has got huge plans right?

Simon’s new Hollywood manager is Gina Rodriguez, and we’re told they’ve already discussed a bunch of plans to parlay his new found Netflix fame into profit and an entertainment career. Report has it that Simon Leviev’s idea for a potential dating show includes women competing for his love and he’s interested in sharing dating dos and don’ts on a potential podcast.

We cannot but acknowledge Simon’s handsomeness. As you know, he was the subject of the new Netflix documentary in which women and law enforcement claim he flaunted a lavish lifestyle to women on Tinder, and once he got them hooked, he would convince them to “loan” him money. When they did, he would ghost them and make off with their money.

Just like all these Ponzi schemes, the doc claims Simon Leviev would use one woman’s funds to wine and dine the next, and so on. In all, Simon allegedly swindled over $10 million from his alleged victims before his 2019 arrest.

So, with all you have watched, would anyone still trust him in or out of Hollywood? lol

We heard Simon is claiming the Netflix’s show got him all wrong, and he’s looking forward to clearing his name. We know it is going to be a serious something but, as you know if you’ve seen ‘Swindler’…lol

Share your most interesting part of the doc with us in the comment section.

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