Special Needs Student Sexually Assaulted On School Bus, Family Files Lawsuit

The family of New Jersey special needs girl has filed a lawsuit against the Trenton school district, the Delaware Valley Bus Lines and another unidentified student for sexual assault that the family said occurred nearly two years ago.

According to the suit, which was filed last month, the student was sexually assaulted on a school bus by another student who recorded the entire incident. The suit also condemns the bus driver and bus aide for not stopping the assault as it occurred. 

While this incident happened back in 2015, a spokesperson for the school district revealed that there have been similar incidents in the past several months that have occurred on the bus operated by the Delaware Valley Bus Line and used by the Trenton public schools.

In March, a Trenton mom said her 5-year-old daughter, who has a communication disability, was physically assaulted by a 5th grade boy is who forced himhimself on her. Prior to that incident, there was a similar incident in July and a physical assault incident earlier in the year. 
The district plans to end its contract with the bus line after a vote confirmed their decision last week, however, a representative for the line says the company is looking to appeal. 

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