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Brittany K. Barnett: Who I She & What IS The Konnetion With Kim Kardashian?

So we have all heard of how Kim Kardashian and Brittany K. Barnett helped release 17 inmates and reunited them with families. Amazing job if you ask me. Media has been superkind to Kim Kardashian solely and everyone carried the news. However, it seems, she did not work alone, but linked up with Brittany K….

The Kardashians Have Reportedly Re-Signed With E! For $150 Million 

  The E! network’s first family, the Kardashians, just renewed their contract for $150 million! According to TMZ, the Kardashians re-signed for five seasons which means they’ll be earning $30 million per cycle until 2019. This is a step up from their 2015 contract as the Kardashians only made $20 million per season which amounted…

Taylor Swift Spent Over $10M On The Diamonds Used To Shade Kim Kardashian

vengeance comes at a price and for Taylor Swift it cost her about $10 million to get revenge on her famous enemy, Kim Kardashian. Taylor “shaded” Kim Kardashian in her latest video, Look What You Made Me Do, by filling a bathtub with diamonds. Many viewers on social media speculated that the bathtub scene was…

Kim Kardashian Steps Out In Odd Lookings, With Her Sister Khloe Kardashian

Kim Kardashian who is reportedly expecting her third child via surrogate, stepped out with her younger sister Khloe Kardashian on Wednesday to run errands in Los Angeles. The 36-year-old showed off her flat stomach and ample cleavage in a crop top and odd-looking grey leggings, which did not falter her crotch area.  More photos:

Danish Makeup Artist Sues Kim Kardashian… Your Logo’s Messing With Me!

Sources connected to Kim’s makeup line tell us she consulted several veteran trademark attorneys when launching her KKW line to ensure there were no violations. Nevertheless, we’re told her team is confident KKW Beauty in no way infringes on Weiss’ KW brand … nor do they feel the lines are similar. Kim Kardashian has no…