Nigerian Man ‘Obosi’ Beaten To Death By Police In South Africa 

Another killing of a Nigerians by South African police authorities, This seem to be getting out of hand. Another Nigerian man identified by his nickname Obosi has been killed. According to Star Boy Nino Brown who shared the sad news, the young man was beaten to death by Metro police in Johannesburg, South Africa. Angry…

Bisexual Nigerian Man, Sentenced 8 Years By Magistrate Court In Bayelsa

A Magistrate Court in Bayelsa, Nigeria has sentenced one Godbless Ogiode to jail for unlawful series of sexual intercourse.  Godbless was charged for allegedly defining a 4 year-old girl and unlawful carnal knowledge of a 5 year-old boy.  He was sentenced to 8 years in Okaka prison.