Tashara Jackson Jailed for killing colleague’s husband

Tashara Jackson a 31 year woman and a former U.S. Postal Service mail carrier has been convicted for murdering her colleague’s husband.

She was convicted in  April 2021 for the murder of Salahud-Din Ibn, the husband of Jacqueline Shabazz, who is another mail carrier.

The Prosecutors says that, April 7th 2021, Tashara Jackson enlisted a third mail carrier, 41 year old Jeremy Todd Pettway, to go with her to the Shabazz’s household in the Menchville area of Newport News, Virginia.

Upon getting there, Pettway allegedly shot and killed Sal Shabazz in the doorway of his home just after 2 a.m.

This, a judge declared as mistrial in Pettway’s murder case last year. Although, according to Yahoo! News, he was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.

According to the Prosecutors, It happened that Tashara had a “long-running feud” with the deceased wife, Jacqueline Shabazz that resulted in several workplace incidents. This feud escalated outside a Newport News nail salon in March 2021.

However, Jacqueline told police she slashed Tashara Mone Jackson’s tires while she was in the salon getting her nails done. A few days later, Jacqueline’s car was also vandalized in the driveway of her home. The tires were slashed and an object was jammed into the gas tank.

The Shabazzes had learned that Tashara was invited to attend a party at Harpoon Larry’s restaurant on April 6, 2021, where they eventually confronted her for doing what she did.

According to the Police report, they said that Sal Shabazz pointed a Taser at others while his wife and Tashara fought in the parking lot. Tashara told the police that her colleague’s husband kicked her during the fight.

The next day, Jacqueline, testified that she was on the phone with her husband when she heard a gunshot after he answered a knock on his door about 2 a.m.

Truly the Police found Sal dead on the floor in the doorway of his home with Four spent shell casings found near the body.

Now Tashara is going to faces life imprisonment  at her sentence hearing in June. While her accomplice, Pettway will be retried on the first-degree murder charge in early April.

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