Teacher Snatches 11-Year Old ‘Stone Chaney’ For Sitting During Pledge Of Allegiance, Is Charged With Alleged Assault

A Michigan teacher is currently on administrative leave after allegedly assaulting a sixth grader for not standing during the Pledge of Allegiance.

 11-year-old Stone Chaney was “violently snatched” out of his seat by his homeroom teacher and forced him to stand during pledge. Stone, who’s been sitting for the pledge since 2nd grade, claims he’s never had a problem with his choice until now.

His father Brian Chaney says this is a clear violation of his son’s civil rights. He explains that his personal decision not to salute the American flag is in honor of God and his family. 

“For him to be violently snatched out of his chair by a lady and order him to stand and for her to just glare at him, it’s wrong, it’s a violation of civil rights,” he said 

“When you put your hands on kids and force your own way of thinking, that’s not right,” he added.

The incident took place at East Middle School in Farmington Hills. Sources say Farmington Public Schools Superintendent George Heitsch is currently investigating the allegations.

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