Teresa Martin Leading The Kenneka Jenkins Protest To FBI Office Right Now

A Kenneka Jenkins protest is currently happening now as teresa Martin leads other protesters to the FBI office to demand release of the full tape and justice for Kenneka Jenkins, who was found this Monday dead in a walk-in freezer in a Rosemont Hotel,Crowns Plaza.

Update coming soon!


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35 thoughts on “Teresa Martin Leading The Kenneka Jenkins Protest To FBI Office Right Now

  1. She needs to stop , the girl walked into that freezer by herself because she was high on something ,what she should have done is take care of her daughter and not let her go to that party .

      1. Exactly. And because of that reason, it is ridiculous that she is being a diva about it, making it all about herself, and insisting that “justice be done”, as if she’s certain it was foul play even though the information released sadly shows her daughter wandering alone and confused through vacant areas of the hotel. But, no she can’t accept THAT possibility. Next, there will be accusations that the Rosemont police showed up off-camera and stuffed her in that freezer. Give me break. This is a predictable irrational cultural response a situation like this.

    1. Insensitive individual. You do know the legal age to drink alcohol is 21 & someone is responsible for this young ladies death. Their is a mother mourning the death of her child, she don’t need people like you questioning her parenting. She got up out her bed after a double mastectomy to look for her child that speaks volumes!!!

    2. You Sound Crazy….She Is A Mother…Your Comment Was Respectful And Just BULLSHIT..First WHY She Could Not Attend The Party.?..People Go Out Every Weekend…People Go To Bars…Why Because She Was Black…Or Because She Kenneka. Was 19…You Choose?….What Happen To KENNEKA Was …Any Parent …Nightmare….People Kids Are Killed For Nothing…Today…But The Parent Still Hurt And Wonder Why And Seek JUSTICE…So What KENNEKA Was Drinking…She Was Not Hurting Anyone…Someone….Gave Her More AThena Just ?…But F…That…WHO Are You To Open…Your Duck in…Mouth To Say Her Mother Need To Sit Down…SHUT YOUR FUCKEN MOUTH..WHERE DID YOUR COON ASS ?…KENNEKA WALK IN A FREEZER….IM WAITING… THE NEWS…COON..CORRECTED THAT…BECAUSE….MANY BLACKS CAN SEE AND READ BUT YOUR COON ASS…YOU ONE OF THE COONS…THAT GIVE THEM THE MISTAKEN NOTION ABOUT ALL BLACKS…NEVER TOO LATE…WAKE UP. …COON…YOU STILL BLACK…JUST A DUMB BLACK COON…

    3. I agree, why was she allowed to go to a hotel party knowing there would be drugs and alcohol, not good parenting. Im sorry for their loss but accept that there is no cover up, she was high or drunk,

    4. U jus as stupid she is how old?19 she could going partying and having fun.you know in your right mind that girl did not do that and if so where is the video to prove she walked in the freezer by herself let’s bet your a white person who don’t care about the black people let this did be a white girl this was already going to be solve

    5. Your jus as stupid to believe that girl walked into the freezer by herself where is the video to prove she walked in there.let’s be realistic for second if this was a white girl would you be saying to same thing? If it was a white girl you would want to know the truth right?on matter the color of our skin all of us bleeds and all feels pain so why is it they can’t get justice for that girl that makes white people any better than black people because when God comes all of us will get judge. And why can’t a 19 year old go Partying and having fun thats off age and you trying to say you never been partying from that age or even better n secondly she was working so what’s the big deal with her going out enjoying herself. Y’all to like judge people so when you can prove nothing out of the ordinary happened to the girl then you can have something to say other than that sit in a corner please

      1. Black or white would be the same out come… That’s why 21 is the legal drinking age, cause you have to be old enough and mature enough to handle liquor.. and video have you ever worked around camera footage? These places don’t have a camera on every square inch of the place that’s y you don’t see the footage of her walking in the freeZer..rip baby girl

      2. I just would love for the truth to come out. As parents we all screw up. Don’t act like we never said we were going places and winded up others. To the people make these negative comments just clearly have no respect. God bless her mother and her family in Jesus name Amen!

    6. Nobody is thinking. Kenneka took multiple pics with that jean jacket on and her arms are too long for the jean jacket…which as a tall girl like myself , is a pet peeve of mine……..in the videos, the jacket fits perfectly and comes down to her wrists..the girl in the video is not kenneka . And I’m shocked her mother can’t realize that.

    7. Lily liky no one know what happened and the evidence is not valid enough FOR ANYONE TO SAY SHE WALKED IN NY HERSELF , they never even showed the WHOLE VID, fucking dick face

    8. Good day to you Lilly; Here’s my response to this matter. I’ve been following this case for a while and yes this teenager was out with her friends. Yes like most teenagers and current company included, when I was young I did things that I was not supposed to do. However, it does not give anyone the right to rape, spike a drink or murder you and place you in a freezer. What you may want to do before placing your opinion is do some research. Which by the way you are entitled. Yet be mindful of what you say. There’s an old adage think twice and speak once. There is plenty of footage for the world to view to clearly see that there are people guiding and pulling on her which led to her unfortunate demise. Now what I would hope for is that people would not make this about race and more about women. See if you know something about history my friend women were at once point considered chattel or property and had no value and that’s the frame or reference or lense for which you should be viewing this issue. Not a mother not caring for her child. Because kids will be kids and many kids will sneak around and do all sorts of things. Some make good choices and some make bad. So it is in poor taste that we attack the mother who just lost her child. Now anyone that chooses to respond re-read my response and do yourself a favor and make a change in your behavior. Ask yourself are you the reason why the world is not changing? Love and light,

  2. Wow, insensitive people talking about “stop”. Please, show me the video of this child actually walking herself into that freezer, I’ll wait! With all of the inconsistencies involved in this mess, like her mother, I wouldn’t stop until I had some definitive answers. Not a soul is going to feed me a crock of B.S. regarding a child of mine that was found dead in a freezer.

    1. What I’m trying to say is she probably can’t sleep at night not knowing and what you missed in the tapes red lights in video are indications of additional people in the location with you witnesses it myself starting work yesterday and lastly it is her daughter so whatever she feels she needs to do to heal her grieving process her choice and has this been taken seriously by the hotel and the 911 operator she probably wouldn’t need a protest her daughter may have been found alive what if it was your child yeah exactly

  3. This is so sad this girl was murdered plain & simple. Somebody know what happened to this baby. I hope and pray when the truth come out the people involved in it will burn in hell. Prayers for this family.

  4. Prayers for this family. Somebody know what happened to this girl. Sooner or later the truth will come out. Burn in hell to all that was involved in this murder.

  5. My kids dad just died a month ago they say suicide but i know it was a murder but austin police wont listen to me to further investigate who i know did it. The whole scene makes no sense and he was never a suicidal person So I feel her mother on it Just Dont Make Sense… Sadly in Jeneka case Its obvious she was not aware of where she was walking to.. So Sad.. I hope FBI do investigate but sure its same results..


    1. I believe she was murdered..da more i look at those videos i dont think its her..she was a slim girl..tha girl on the video’s iz thick.i hope dey get 2 tha bottom of it???

  7. One Random Chick can you message me? I would like to speak with you or Tereasa asap I have some info that’ll help her in this situation regarding her daughter’s death!
    Thank you!

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