‘Texas Couple’ Jenny Swarers & Dustin Morgan, Have Had To Cancel Their Wedding 3 Times Due To Flooding

Jenny Swarers and Dustin Morgan, are the Texas couple, that have had to cancel their wedding three times due to flooding. The couple met in high school and started dating about five years ago.

After getting engaged, they spent a year planning their dream wedding, only to have their hopes dashed when the Sabine River flooded in April 2016. “The venue had 6 feet of water in it,” Swarers said.
They decided to reschedule the event for the following April at the same venue, but construction to fix the flooding damage wasn’t complete and the venue wouldn’t be ready for their date. So, Plan C was a Houston wedding this Saturday, with 150 people set to attend but Hurricane Harvey struck yet again.
Even though Houston isn’t directly in the storm’s path, the threat of flooding is massive and since Wednesday, they have seen their guest list reduce from 150 to 40, then to 15.

‘After the preacher canceled, we thought maybe we’ll just Skype him in, but we knew we had to cancel’ Swarers said.

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