Texas Woman ‘Ayanna Williams’ Earned Her A Place In The Guinness World Records 2018 Edition, For The World’s Longest Fingernails

Ayanna Williams a Texas woman has been crowned with the title of the world’s longest fingernails – and in total they measure more than 18 feet long. Ayanna, a nail artist from Houston, Texas
Her nails, each of which is just under two foot long, have earned her a place in the Guinness World Records 2018 Edition. Having spent most of her adult life growing her nails, more than 23 years, she was first inspired by a friend and plans to continue growing them. 
She has also revealed that the most challenging thing about having extremely long fingernails, which can take up to one week to paint, is pulling up her trousers. While she’s constantly getting lots of attention for her nails, and knows she is rather unique, her friends and family think it’s quite normal. 
In order to take care of her nails, Ayanna uses anti-bacterial soap and a nail brush to clean them daily. And to help them grow, she regularly applies hardener and a thin layer of acrylic. 

‘To let my children know that anything they want to accomplish can be done. It takes courage, discipline and patience but it can be accomplished,’ 

Said Ayanna on her reason for applying for the record. 

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