The Cards Are Falling Down For Kevin Spacey

Now Kevin Spacey has finally come out of the closet but definitely at a wrong time as he has being alleged to have sexually  assaulted Anthony Rapp, a Star Trek actor,  when he was 14-years old.

Rumours as regards his being gay had been going on for a very long time but Kevin Spacey had always refuted it.  This is really sad and disheartening. Members of Hollywood’s LGBTQ are angry that he’s using his ‘gayness’ to cover this scandal.

Zachary Quinto, who came out as gay four years ago,  took a more thoughtful approach in which he accused the actor of remaining in the closet for his own benefit.

‘It is deeply sad and troubling that this is how Kevin Spacey has chosen to come out,’ wrote Quinto, who produced the 2011 film ‘Margin Call’ which starred Spacey.

He continued: ‘I am sorry to hear of Anthony Rapp’s experience and subsequent suffering. And I am sorry that Kevin only saw fit to acknowledge his truth when he though it would serve him — just as his denial served him for so many years.

‘May Anthony Rapp’s voice be the one which is amplified here. Victim’s voices are the ones that deserve to be heard.’

Below are tweet as regards the Kevin Spacey sex assault on Anthony Rapp.

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