The ‘Osu’ Caste System: What Does It Mean To Be One; Read This Chronicle From SDK’s Blog

Yesterday, I came across a Chronicle (for avid readers of SDK, you know what that means) concerning a lady who is about to get married to her fiance of many years. The guy sponsored her education and provided everything for her. Time to get married, her parents found out he was an ‘Osu’ and hence kicking against the union.


What exactly does it mean for someone to be ‘Osu’, I have heard a lot about the Osu caste system ,researched on it  many times, but all I see is that they were people kept aside for use of the gods and hence cannot interact with the ‘Diala’ (freeborn). Alot of stories, a lot of myths.

What exactly is he ‘Osu’ caste system? What happens when an ‘Osu’ accepts Christ? How do you even know someone is an ‘Osu’ and if a freeborn (Diala) goes ahead to marry an ‘Osu’, like the case in view, what happens

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