To Move In With Your Spouse Before Marriage Or Not? Your Take? Watch #NdaniRealTalk With Cornelia O’Dwyer



Been watching #NdaniRealTalk with Cornelia O’Dwyer for a while and she has been discussing some real interesting relationship issues that I love 🙂

So I came across episode 6 of #NdaniRealTalk, and its all about moving in with your spouse/partner before marriage and decided to share it here. Yay or Nay?

Is it wise, is it even acceptable with the way our society is structured?

Are some people like myself just old-fashioned and have refused to move with the flow?

On today’s episode of #NdaniRealTalk, Nollywood stars Mofe Duncan, Wana Udobang and Deyemi Okanlawon with host, Cornelia O’Dwyer iscuss a pertinent issue in ‘modern’ relationships.





Should people who are dating move in together before marriage?

What do you think?

Oh by the way, couldn’t help but notice Mofe Duncan’s sexy voice 😉

Watch the episode below

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0 thoughts on “To Move In With Your Spouse Before Marriage Or Not? Your Take? Watch #NdaniRealTalk With Cornelia O’Dwyer

  1. I dont think its a bad idea to move in before marriage. It’s better I find all that I need to know before marriage

  2. There’s no simple answer to this. If you had asked, ‘is it ideal?’ the answer would have been ‘No’. But is it good? Yes and No depending on factors.

    It could be wrong or right depending on who and who are involved, what they want out of it, where they are, their present predicament. This view is religious neutral and culturally mute. For those who want to take their destiny in their own hands. Two people that are sincere, cohabiting or not, would achieve their aims. I have seen numerous examples. And unserious pair would hit the rock soon. An argument against cohabitation is, it gives a fertile soil for premarital sex. Fine. Don’t do it if you don’t wanna have sex. But we realise you don’t need to co-stay before sex happens. What about those that stay separate but have sex more frequently that they would if married or more than married couples? What do they want from their relationship? Marriage? Fine, while for some, cohabiting make them feel less of the women they are, for some it catalyzes the wedding or marriage or both (you know what that means). The gist is that, what makes a man wants to settle down with someone is not actually how hard to get she is, not her conservativeness, not her reservedness- even though these might have an effect– but her attitude, her taste, her quality, her problem solving ability in this ever difficult world, her responsibility and the awareness of the enormous core of her personality. We know who we can marry even if we are cohabiting and we also know who we cant. Only fools would use a tree of fortune as firewood.

    The main issue is, how do we know the mind of others? The woman should try and play safe by making a sincere, objective assessment of who she’s dealing with before going into such risky venture. Nothing good in life is risk free however, but we also have a brain telling us this or that is or is not what we should at any material time.

  3. I cannot move in with any man before marriage. Men can be something else. There’s this high possibility of seeing this woman as a “convenience” while they are out there wooing another they are crazy to get married to. What happens to the “convenience”? She becomes ” expired” and would be shown the door.

    No woman should under no circumstances should cheapen herself to any man by doing so because automatically, her value drops. It is only very few men who truly care n love the lady would go any length to make it legal with her

  4. I don’t think is cool to move in before marriage….Cause the man might not even see the need of marrying you when you are already in his house performing the duties of a wife.

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