Tupac’s Former Bodyguard Says He Was Killed By South Side Crips

Almost twenty-one years ago, Tupac Shakur was gunned down ina drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. He was then transported to a local hospital, where he died six days later, in a murder that has remained an unsolved mystery. Since then, many have released their own theories of what really happened that night.

The latest to come forward to share their thoughts and theories about the murder of the legend is his former bodyguard, Mob James, a Blood Piru.

James discussed the details in an interview, revealing the initial confrontation that may have led to the rappers untimely death.

It all started with a beef between the Pirus and the South Side Crips. On September 7, 1996, Pac was shot on his way to Suge Knight’s Club 66; however, just moments before at the  MGM Grand, Tupac, Knight and their crew approached a member of the South Side Crips, Orlando Anderson.

According to James, Pac initiated an altercation with Anderson, igniting a huge brawl. Two hours later, Pac was shot on his way to the club, sparking theory that Anderson returned as retaliation.

“If Tupac would have stood to the side and watched, and if Suge would have said, 

‘No you my money, you ain’t finna get in no fight, get over there,’ Tupac would still be alive right now in the day. And this is the only reason why he died; he interfered with something he had no power in,” James said, adding that the rapper changed after associating with the gangbangers, saying he started “spitting” and “bumping” into people.

James said the Pirus tried to strike back at Anderson, but they couldn’t.

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