Two Brothers Robert And Sergio Murti Were Shot And Killed At The Same Time  

On Thursday, May 11 2017, two brothers, Robert and Sergio Murti ages 19 and 15 were walking in South Sacramento, California to a store, when they were shot and killed.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department said the shooting happened around noon on Thursday. When deputies arrived on scene, they found two deceased male victims on the ground in the parking lot of a strip mall. 

Witnesses heard several gunshots in the area and observed at least two suspects in a light-coloured SUV flee the scene. The motive of the shooting is unknown at this time but detectives said they don’t believe the shooting was random.

Their grandmother said she gave them money to go to the store and she always offers them a ride but yesterday they decided to walk to the store. 

She said the boys told her the streets were crazy and they didn’t feel comfortable walking but she thinks they “didn’t want to bother her so they went walking,” without asking her for a ride.

Robert and Sergio had a tight bond, according to family and friends. Robert was going to be a father soon. 

This is the second tragedy in a year that the family has experienced. The brother’s uncle was shot and killed last year in a homicide that remains unsolved.

This is so sad. 

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  1. Daniel was a student at the school my Dad teaches at Sergio went there to but transferred n feb. This is really heartbreaking

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